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Conversion of Ounces(US) to Milliliter

OZ to ML Converter– People Often ask for “how many ml in an oz?” and how to convert Ounces to Milliliters? Conversion of volume units OZ (US) and Milliliters can be done by using simple formula. For getting an approximate result, multiply the volume value by 29.5735296875, and the resultant value will be in Milliliters. And from here we can also write: one Ounces (US) is approximately equal to 29.5735296875.OZ to ML

OZ to ML Formula- (how many ml is 1 oz)

ML = OZ * 29.5735296875

Ounces & Milliliters Definition with Example

Fluid Ounce (OZ) is a unit of capacity that is equal to one sixteenth of a US pint and is approximately 0.03 litre and 29.574 Milliliters (approx).

Milliliters is a unit of Volume that is equal to one thousandth of a litre and it is abbreviated as- “ml”.

How to Convert 1 oz to ml ?

  • ML = 1 * 29.5735296875 = 29.5735296875 ML

How to Convert 1 6 oz to ml?

  • ML = 16 * 29.5735296875 = 473.176475 ML

How to Convert 1 2 oz to ml?

  • ML = 12 * 29.5735296875 = 354.8823563 ML

OZ to ML Conversion Table/ Chart

Fluid Ounces Milliliters
1 fl oz 29.57 ml
2 fl oz 59.15 ml
3 fl oz 88.72 ml
4 fl oz 118.29 ml
5 fl oz 147.87 ml
6 fl oz 177.44 ml
7 fl oz 207.01 ml
8 fl oz 236.59 ml
9 fl oz 266.16 ml
10 fl oz 295.74 ml

OZ to ML Frequently Asked Question

How many milliliters in an ounce?

  • One US fluid ounce contains approx. 29.5735 milliliters.

How to convert from fluid ounces to milliliters?

  • Multiply by 29.5735 and resultant value is in milliliters.

How many ounces in 1 ML?

  • 1 ML is equal to 0.033814 OZ (US fluid ounce).

What size is a 1 oz?

  • One fluid ounce (US) = to 1/8 of a cup OR 29.5735 milliliters

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